AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS AND JUSTICE REINVESTMENT SA (JRSA) have been working in partnership with Aboriginal community leaders and stakeholders for several years to implement a justice reinvestment trial in Port Adelaide.

This work builds on consultations undertaken by Pricewaterhouse Indigenous Consulting in 2015 which confirmed widespread community interest in an Aboriginal community-led and designed justice reinvestment pilot program.

  • JRSA is a coalition of individuals and organisations working together to assist communities and policy-makers to identify and implement approaches to justice that tackle the root causes of crime and improve community cohesion, wellbeing and safety. Tiraapendi Wodli is a member of the JRSA Board representing the Port Adelaide community.

More information about JRSA and justice reinvestment approaches, information and resources can be found on the JRSA website

  • Australian Red Cross was a founding member of JRSA in 2014, and continues to play a key role in coordinating stakeholder communications, project and contracts management to support the implementation of justice reinvestment in South Australia.

Australian Red Cross has a long history of working with offenders, families and young people in contact with justice systems to improve their resilience, opportunities and positive social connections.

More information about Red Cross’ work with communities can be found on the
Red Cross website

In 2016-18, Red Cross and JRSA secured small private and SA Government funds to work alongside the Aboriginal community to establish the representative Aboriginal Leadership Group which is now known as Tiraapendi Wodli. Red Cross continues to provide project coordination and support to Tiraapendi Wodli (including contracts and funds management) to support the implementation of community priorities identified in the Tiraapendi Wodli Priority Action Plan.

The project is currently supported with grant funds from the SA Department of Human Services, The Wyatt Trust and the Alcohol Drug Foundation.

"Red Cross commends Tiraapendi Wodli’s vision and goals including practical approaches to supporting families, connecting children with their schools and diverting young people away from the justice system. If we’re going to spend millions on prisons, wouldn’t it be wiser to spend some of it on investing in the skills and strengths of families to prevent crime and prevent the harm.” 
Hon Dr Robyn Layton AO QC - Chair, JRSA



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